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Home Remodeling Projects' Success Stories

Want to join the ranks of satisfied clients?

This home remodeling project was designed to provide wheelchair access from outdoor patio and driveway to inside living space, and on the inside from the living space for easy access to a new all- season sunroom. The prior seasonal room was dark and on more than one level. It was not wheelchair accessible and had no outside patio space.

The client chose Freeland Home Remodelers through a recommendation of a friend. “From the beginning, Tim was very honest with us about time and cost. He listened to our specific needs and answered every question. I could see from the initial meeting that Tim would be a perfect match.”

“They went above and beyond our expectations by suggesting things we did not even consider. For example, after the outside patio cover was completed, they were able to match the new siding with the existing siding on the front porch, and moved the location of the outside patio door to help keep the flow from the rest of the house.”

“Freeland Home Remodelers has performed outstanding work. They have made the process go smooth by providing great design work, fixtures recommendations — ‘it's like one stop shopping’. Tim’s onsite team were not only skilled craftsmen, they were very kind and considerate, and always on time.”

“It came obvious to us, Freeland Home Remodelers produce high quality work and are easy to
work with. They offered suggestions, but did not force ideas on us. We decided what we wanted to meet our needs. It was a great team effort.”

Wheelchair Access Remodeling in Manchester Connecticut

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