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Laundry Room Refresh

With more and more time being spent in the home these days, its important to take note of how your space is used . Every space in your home should be enjoyed, even spaces used for not so enjoyable tasks. One space that often gets neglected in homes is a Laundry Room having a well-equipped space for laundry makes doing the laundry 10 times easier and almost makes it enjoyable…maybe your kids will even want to do it!

When considering a laundry room upgrade its important to think about these key things:

How will you use the space?

A laundry room does not have to function just as a laundry room, it can be used to as a mudroom, a pantry or even a storage room for larger household items like a vacuum cleaner, brooms or even your children’s sport equipment. If you are looking to create a space that goes beyond just doing laundry, you may want to consider adding special features like a deep sink, a pet feeding station, a wine fridge, a coat closet, rolling laundry carts or a fold down ironing board.

How do you like to do laundry?

Are you looking for a space to just wash and dry clothes, or do you want a space that allows you to wash, dry, fold and hang clothes to dry? Does your house need multiple laundry baskets to help keep your family’s laundry organized? Will you need racks to hand delicates or maybe a fold down ironing board?

Thinking about these things will help you optimize your space and use it most effectively. Below showcases one of our client's laundry room remodel, swipe for some before and after photos. If you are looking to give your home a small refresh or even a total overhaul, call us today @ 860-505-7108.

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